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Af9015 Bda Driver Download manusae




Unlike most of the other NVRs on the market, the model AF9015 is not based on Intel’s Xserve platform, and is not a rack-mountable device; its internal hardware components are discrete, so it must be mounted on the camera frame or stand, and it must be powered by a PC running Windows, MacOS, or Linux. The AF9015 combines an internal 8.8 megapixel CCD sensor with three 1/2.5-inch high-quality CMOS (charge-coupled device) and two 2.0-inch LCD screens, making it the most sophisticated NVR available on the market. It provides 1080i at 50/60p or 1080p at 30/60p video recording and has an internal analog audio input for recording audio. The AF9015 has dual networks and is ideal for recording only a single field-of-view, or for recording outside or indoor areas, such as offices, retail stores, warehouses, or residential areas. It does not have networking ability, but its internal LAN (local area network) card supports TCP/IP and UPnP (Universal Plug and Play) networking to other AF9015 and AF9015-C devices and to existing TallyNet Enterprise software. The AF9015 can also work with existing NetView and other TallyNet Enterprise software, but the AF9015’s internal LAN card must be active. The AF9015 does not have a 3G-modem card, and it cannot be used for remote access to a PC over a network. The AF9015 supports up to 16 cameras, with its internal LAN card supporting up to eight cameras, and it can record up to four fields of view from four cameras simultaneously. The AF9015 supports up to four hot-swappable hard drives, and an internal backup battery can be used to power the device when an AC outlet is unavailable. An optional external battery and AC plug is provided with each AF9015-C, for remote recording when AC power is unavailable. Because it cannot be rack-mounted, the AF9015 is more expensive than the NVRs based on the Xserve platform. It is supplied with the necessary power, a USB connector, Ethernet ports for two LAN cards and two Ethernet cables, and hard drives. However, to avoid having to plug and unplug the AF9015’s Ethernet and power cables, it can be installed




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Af9015 Bda Driver Download manusae

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